Use benefits


Loads deep muscles
Core conditioning of body shape
Development of stamina and strength


Reduces risk of injury or relapse
Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
Contributes to burning calories


Helps focus your effort
Feel what’s happening in your body
Improved sleep quality

Easy functionality

Ready-to-use product
Suitable for occasional use as well as for longer workouts

What does the science say?

Scientific research has often proven that isometric training is one of the most effective ways to increase strength, slim down, burn fat faster and tone the body.


Almost maximum contraction, 95%* of fibres involved
*According to J.B. Chariot - 2021

Reduces blood pressure used 12 minutes* a day
*According to Dr Matthew Jones

5 times* more effective than a gym workout
*Journal of applied research

Increases physical strength by 27%* in 6 weeks
*According to Weir - 1995


Between 62% and 71% of weight lost was fat
*According to Detuag Testing – 2016

Muscular activity with Activ5 compared to the gym

On average, using Activ5 generated 39% more muscle activity than squats, 37% more than lunges, 59% more than a treadmill workout and 59% more than indoor cycling.

Ready to take charge of your fitness?